F105 | TooCling5 Portable Wireless Charger​

How to charge Wireless Charger

 A. Wireless Charging

※ Wireless charging function is only for the devices that support wireless charging.
※ If you use the charging cable during charging, the charger will switch to wired charging mode. 

B. Wired Charging

C. Charge wireless charger

How to check the remains

When charging the wireless charger, it flashes whitely from the first LED sequentially.
※ If it’s not in charging status, it will automatically turn off after 40 seconds.

Precautions for use

  • If there is metal object between the wireless charger and the device, or if the device is on the case which includes metal material during charging, it may result in heat or malfunction.
  • Due to the Qi standard method, the efficiency of wireless charging will be maximized and heat will be minimized when the location between device’s coil of wireless charging and the charger’s coil of wireless charging is the same.
  • When you apply the impactive force or disassemble the charger, it can cause the charger to malfunction.
  • It can cause electrical shock if liquids enter the charger while it is powered on.

Redbean One - Year Limited Warranty Summary
Redbean warrants the included hardware product and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of the original retail purchase.
Redbean does not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident or abuse.
To obtain service, please visit a Redbean Online Service Center( Please refer to the full terms and detailed information on obtaining service available at ( If you submit a valid claim under this warranty, Redbean will either repair, replace, or refund your hardware device at its own discretion.You may be required to provide proof of purchase details when making a claim under this warranty.


Redbean TooCling5 Portable Wireless Charger
Model No.
USB-A Output5V=2.1A
Wireless Output5W
Maximum Output10W
Type-C Input5V=2A
Lightning Input5V=1.5A
Micro Input5V=2A
Battery Capacity5,000mAh
Size68.5 x 136.5 x 8.2mm / 130g
CertificationCE, ROHS, KC
KC CertificationR-R-RBN-F105