Car charger

Car Charger

C3WC | Auto Square3 Wireless Car Charger

How to use

A. How to charge

Charging is only available for devices that support wireless charging.
1. Connect the USB cable to the charger to power on 

2. When the power is on, booting starts and the slide grip will automatically open after 8 sec. 

3. If you place the smartphone on it, it will start wireless charging and the grip will close automatically. 

4. Slide grip automatically opens when touching either of the sensors located on both sides 

C. How to use Air Vent Maount

1. Loosen the lever counterclockwise and stretch out the hook to the right length 

2. Hook the air vent blade and tighten the lever clockwise

LED Color depending on status

After flicker in blue/green/sky blue order, enter into stadby mode.

Green lights are on

Blue lights are on

Flicker in blue/green order for 3~4 sec.
(only applies to device which doesn't support wireless charging)

Precautions for use

  • Fast wireless charging requires a quick car charger which supports more than 9V (ex : QC2.0/3.0 or PD)
  • Charging is only available for devices that support wireless charging.
  • Please do not vigorously extrude, collide or dismantle the product, as this may cause malfunction.
  • Please do not put the product into fire or water when it is powered on, to avoid short circuits or leakage.
  • Please do not place the metal (Such as coin etc.) on the charging pad when charging, to avoid damage from heating.
  • If you use this with a USB port built into a car or an unstable car cigarette lighter charger, it may cause device malfunctions. This air vent mount is not compatible with certain types of vents, such as circular or curved shapes.

Redbean One - Year Limited Warranty Summary
Redbean warrants the included hardware product and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of the original retail purchase.
Redbean does not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident or abuse.
To obtain service, please visit a Redbean Online Service Center( Please refer to the full terms and detailed information on obtaining service available at ( If you submit a valid claim under this warranty, Redbean will either repair, replace, or refund your hardware device at its own discretion.You may be required to provide proof of purchase details when making a claim under this warranty.

Product Detail


Model No.
Redbean Auto Square3 Wireless Charger
Produt Standard
Product Material
DC5V=2A / DC9V=1.67A / 12V=2A
15W / 10W / 7.5W / 5W
Charging Distance
Charging Efficiency
72.5 x 125.5 x 74mm
KC Certification